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  • Today is also a happy “bead” girl

    Today is also a happy “bead” girl

    Today, I will give you Amway’s treasures that I have treasured for many years, and it is another day to open the dust-covered treasures. These tube beads are my personal favorite, and they are also very easy to match and design in daily life. This article mainly shares imported beads such a...
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  • The mixed color seed beads are new!!

    Our company recently launched a new product-mixed color seed beads. Each package contains millet beads of different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. There are various types of tube, round beads, silver filling, etc., suitable for individual handmade diy lovers. , The price is affordable and can...
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  • Natural stone beads

    Hello, customer, I am Mona from CJ CRYSTAL. In China, many natural stones have good wishes.     For example, Aquamarine symbolizes blessing and peace:     The legendary tourmaline is the color at the end of the rainbow. It has huge energy and can collect wealth:     Moonstone is a sacred stone ...
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  • Polymer clay beads kit

         Dear customers, with the sudden popularity of soft clay products recently, our company has launched different specifications of soft clay box products, including 48 grids, 28 grids, 24 grids, 15 grids and 10 grids. We also have DIY requirements. Of products such as scissors, tweezers and bun...
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  • Lifting mobile phone chain newly launched

           Autumn is here, and we keep up with the times and launch new mobile phone chains. Previously, mobile phone chains were mainly made of glass beads, pearls and other materials. Now we are launching mobile phone chains composed of lifting beads, and mobile phone chains made of lifting beads ...
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  • Yiwu Jingcan Thanksgiving Month company team building activities

    On the last day of May, our company launched a Thanksgiving Month activity in Pujiang, Yiwu, which is also a team building activity to enhance the company’s cohesion and creativity. We put on uniform color clothing and carried the flag that symbolizes the company, and took an hour’s d...
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    In order to further improve the company’s office conditions and working environment, and enhance the level of external services, after making full preparations in an orderly manner, the company decided to relocate the office to the 6th floor of Block C, Jinfuyuan, Yiwu Room. On March 20th, ...
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  • Ms Yuan:“I’m now aiming to grow my business by 30 percent next year.”

    Ms Yuan:“I’m now aiming to grow my business by 30 percent next year.”

    SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ant Group, a leading provider in the development of open platforms for technology-driven inclusive financial services, and the parent company of China’s largest digital payment platform Alipay, today unveiled Trusple, an international trade and financial serv...
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  • The Boss of JC Crystal:Cheng ChuanGui

    The Boss of JC Crystal:Cheng ChuanGui药哥传_1_1.mp4 LuGuo village,The village is located at the foot of DaMu Mountain in HengGouQiao Town, Xianning High-tech Zone,Hubei Province.There are 508 households with 2308 people in the village, including 76 poor households with 244 people in filed and regi...
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  • Management staff participate in training class

    Management staff participate in training class

    In order to better serve our customers, the company’s management staff participate in a three-day and two-night special training class.
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